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Warui Series Drama CD Cast/Character Info
I was pleasantly surprised to see Nobunaga Shimazaki (Free! Nanase Haruka voice actor) had a small appearance in the drama cd (/^▽^)/
Download for higher quality scan. 

Detailed Mujihi na Otoko Character Chart
Translations by chidorinoyumeCleaning & Typesetting by Auverse

Another version of the Mujihi na Anata Character profile
Translations by chidorinoyumeCleaning & Typesetting: Auverse

Mujihi na Anata Extra
Translation by chidorinoyumeCleaning & Typesetting: Auverse

Been so long since I last updated my tumblr, sorry =v=’ anyways this is a fanart I made a few weeks ago of Sakuraga Mei’s boys, Mikado and Towa <3

Mujihi na Otoko Extra
Translation by meCleaning & Typesetting: Auverse

"I don’t like Akagi at all. I mean, I love the other semes but him :( I don’t like him physically, even though I love the idea of a megane seme by Sakuraga-sensei. I didn’t like him in Warui Ouji."
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